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Everything started with one question

While everyone talking about potential of algae, why we don't find algae in our table, farm or gas station ? 

If we want to transform food and feed industry for next decades, we have to reduce algae production costs and increase production efficiency. 

Algae are like swiss army knives. We use them from biofuel industry to food industry. But bringing it into real life and making them competitive with conventional products comes from reducing production costs.


Algdeha has two patent technology for optimizing production. One of them is innovative offshore production and the other one is conventional industrial production. For now, we are focusing on fermentation in offshore production. Because dark cloud is on the horizon for the aquaculture industry and they don't have any other choice rather than replace fish-based products with algae.

Our journey


The first time is to tell Algdeha out loud. 


1st Prize in over 1200 start-up competitions organized by the Turkish Business and Industry Association.



First sail to Europe. 

1st Prize among 28 countries for our business model and sustainability effect.



We inform - We engage - We inspire. 

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